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There are many things that I have seen in my life which would shock most, and some fantastic and amazing things most would not believe, but overall watching the perversion of justice and freedom unfolding in the world I have to say something must be done or we will all be consumed.

Most people say conspiracy theorist when some of these topics are discussed but it’s far from the truth, I never deal in theories and or false information. I research some theories to see if they are provable.

The thing is that if you find one piece of evidence no matter how flimsy or small, it is no longer a theory, but changes into a possibility, and the more evidence you find the more plausible and eventually probable the once theory (now Possible truth) becomes.

Throughout my research on Freemasons, 911, Bohemian Grove, RFID chips (satellite tracking and control chips for Humans that were tested in animals first before humans), World War I and II and other wars, History of Hitler, the Nazi connection to today’s system, the illuminati (Skull and Bones etc etc), Knights Templar, occult’s, corporate world structure and much much more (more than I would like to admit). The macabre truth comes to pass, if you liked what Hitler did then you will love what Bush, Obama and the next puppet and the rest of the global elite puppets(Leaders)are doing. Not just American Leaders but all!

People out there like myself who have been working hard to pull all of the pieces of the puzzle together, showing the world without a doubt that they have been lied to systematically, we will be used and even killed for the elite agenda in the coming future years. The whole planet will become mostly a third world system without freedom.

One question that haunts most everyone who is looking for the answers and researching all the time is "What Is The Big Picture", we want to know what it all means not just on a global scale but also on a level of spiritual religious scientific and universal truth, I laugh sometimes at people’s reactions but indeed there is without a doubt many unexplained things in this world that many believe to be superstition or fabrications.

Please Enjoy Your Stay. :o)

Just another piece of the twisted puzzle

Bohemian Grove

This interesting site is in Monte Rio California in America and its called Bohemian Grove, "Whats that?" you may ask, well its a redwood grove over 2700 acres, the picture above is of the main event Called The Cremation of Care. Its been going on for 120 plus years and everyone you see in this picture are either high level government political Elite, Banking Elite and among many other things that the Elite people of society become.

Bohemian  Grove is an Elite men's Only! club (so we are told in official mainstream media sites and networks) but case in fact the Rituals and goings on at Bohemian Grove are based in something much more freaky and strange than one would dare to imagine.

I thought twice about putting this image on the main page as i believed it would scare most people away from the site and they wouldn't learn anything but in retrospect it become apparent that people should really understand that the world that has been set before us is not entirely what we have been told on the mainstream Television and other mainstream media outlets.

Bohemian Grove Fact Sheet

What is the Bohemian Grove? The Bohemian Grove is a 2700 acre redwood forest, located in Monte Rio, CA. It contains accommodation for 2000 people to "camp" in luxury. It is owned by the Bohemian Club.

What is the Bohemian Club? The Bohemian Club is a private. all male club, which is headquartered in the Bohemian building in San Francisco. It was formed in 1872 by men who sought shelter from the frontier culture (or lack of culture).

Who are the present members? The Club has evolved into an association of rich and powerful men, mostly of this country (there are similar organizations in other countries). Some artists are allowed to join (often at reduced rates), because of their social status and entertainment value. The membership list has included every Republican U.S. president (as well as some Democrats) since 1923, many cabinet officials, and director; & CEO's of large corporations, including major financial institutions.


The ceremony involves the poling across a lake of a small boat containing an effigy of Care (called "Dull Care"). Dark, hooded figures receive from the ferryman the effigy which is placed on an altar, and, at the end of the ceremony, set on fire. This "cremation" symbolizes that members are banishing the "dull cares" of conscience.

Pictured below is an effigy most recently used at the Grove, picture taken from the foot of the Owl looking across the lake

The ceremony takes place in front of the Owl Shrine, a 40-foot (12 m) hollow owl statue made of concrete over steel supports. The moss- and lichen-covered statue simulates a natural rock formation, yet holds electrical and audio equipment within it. During the ceremony, a recording of the voice of club member Walter Cronkite is used as the voice of The Owl. Music and pyrotechnics accompany the ritual for dramatic effect. On July 15, 2000, Austin, Texas-based filmmaker Alex Jones and his cameraman, Mike Hanson, infiltrated the Bohemian Grove expecting to uncover the owl statue being worshiped as Moloch, with human sacrifices thrown into its fiery interior. With a hidden camera, Jones and Hanson were able to film the Cremation of Care ceremony. The footage was the centerpiece of Jones' documentary Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove. Cremation of Care is an "ancient Canaanite, Luciferian, Babylon mystery religion ceremony. 

Click animated image below to watch DARK SECRETS INSIDE BOHEMIAN GROVE. Produced and directed by Alex Jones, it was one of his first major documentary's and he funded to do with the Grove the whole thing himself on a limited budget.

What industries are represented among the members? Major military contractors, oil companies, banks (including the Federal Reserve), utilities (including nuclear power), and national media (broadcast and print) have high-ranking officials as club members or guests. Many members are, or have been, on the board of directors of several of these corporations. You should note that most of the above industries depend heavily on a relationship with government for their profitability. 


The members stay in different camps at the Grove, which have varying status levels. Members & frequent guests of the most prestigious camp (Mandalay) include: Henry Kissinger, George Schultz, S. D. Bechtel, Jr., Thomas Watson Jr. (IBM), Phillip Hawley (B of A), William Casey (CIA). and Ralph Bailey (DuPont). George Bush resides in a less prestigious camp (Hillbillies) with A. W. Clausen (World Bank), Walter Cronkite, and William F. Buckley. 


The image above is of the entrance to one of the camps, each camp is divided into status and region. Notice the bizarre symbolism and also the Latin writing.

What activities take place at the grove? The grove is the site of a two week retreat every July (as well as other smaller get-together's throughout the year). At these retreats, the members commune with nature in a truly original way. They drink heavily from morning through the night, bask in their freedom to urinate on the redwoods, and perform pagan rituals (including the "Cremation of Care", in which the members wearing red-hooded robes, cremate a coffin effigy of "Dull Care" at the base of a 40 foot owl altar). Some (20%) engage in homosexual activity (but few of them support gay rights or AIDS research). They watch (and participate in) plays and comedy shows in which women are portrayed by male actors. Although women are not allowed in the Grove, members often leave at night to enjoy the company of the many prostitutes who come from around the world for this event. Is any of this hard to believe? Employees of the Grove have said that no verbal description can accurately portray the bizarre behavior of the Grove's inhabitants.  

Besides this type of merriment. the annual gathering serves as an informational clearing house for the elite. The most powerful men in the country do their "networking" here, despite the Grove's motto "weaving spiders come not here" (don't do business in the Grove). At these gatherings men representing the government, military-industrial, and financial sectors meet and make major policy decisions. The Manhattan project, which produced the first atomic bombs, was conceived at the Grove in 1942. Other decisions made at the Grove include who our presidential candidates will be. There are speeches, known as "Lakeside Talks", wherein high-ranking officials disseminate information which is not available to the public-at-large.

What are the topics of discussion at the Lakeside Talks?

What's not right about this? When powerful people work together, they become even more powerful. The Grove membership is wealthy, and becoming more so, while the middle class is steadily becoming poorer. This close-knit group determines whether prices rise or fall (by their control of the banking system, money supply, and markets), and they make money whichever way markets fluctuate. They determine what our rights are and which laws have effect, by appointing judges. They decide who our highest officials shall be by consensus among themselves, and then selling candidates to us via the media which they own. Important issues and facts are omitted from discussion in the press, or slanted to suit their goals, but they are discussed frankly at the Grove. Is there true democracy when so much power is concentrated in so few hands? Is there any real difference between the public and private sectors when cabinet members come from the boardrooms of large corporations? Is the spending of billions on weapons, which are by consensus no longer needed, really the will of the people? Or is it the will of General Electric, General Dynamics, and the other weapons contractors represented at the Grove?

 Above picture: Lakeside 1991 Helmut schmidt


There is so much information about the grove and its real purpose, but we should understand that its real roots lie in ancient religions and activities that started back in the BC years. The more you learn the more you get a grasp on the bigger picture. the rituals at the grove all have roots in different forms of  Satanism that stem from and before Roman times.Go here for a look at some of the symbolism and what it means and how it is used by these global elite leaders www.gnosticliberationfront.com/bohemian_grove...


What can I do to make a difference? Educate yourself about the Grove and it's inhabitants, and the true nature of the power structure in the world. Then educate your friends. Since most major newspapers and broadcast stations are owned by "insiders", be wary of everything you hear in the press. If you can, participate in protest activities during the July retreat. 


where did the Law go? was it ever implemented that you should pay tax by congress?

If you haven't seen it yet then you should watch it now, the critically acclaimed doco by Aaron Russo, America Freedom to Fascism explains the hoodwink by the Federal Reserve on the American public, many Americans are now saying

"Show Me The Law"

click image below to play documentary

In Memory of Aaron Russo 

R.I.P 2/14/43 to 8/24/07


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