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[What do you believe?]

What Do You Believe?

Posted by JAG_ACE on July 21, 2012 at 11:25 AM

What are you? Atheist, Catholic, Muslim, Satanist, Hindu, etc etc or other??

say you have a desire to know more. Maybe your having spiritual things happen around you, maybe you've seen a Dramatic positive change in a friend who has had what they call a spiritual like experience and you want to know more.

You just don't know but inside you need to find out what it is, what is it, how is it that over 90% of the population in the world believe in some sort of deity?

You can take my path and study large portions of every holy and sacred text that you can get your hands on, spend years studying many questions

looking for the truth.

Or you can just choose one that sounds right, hope for the best even though you have not studied its true meaning or agenda if it has one. Then of course there is the chance something spiritual happens to You so unbelievable to someone else that you have a hard time believing it yourself, despite the fact you know you were there and it happened and now you Believe.

Our understanding of everything in this day and age has opened doors to possibility's that people could not imagine 100 years ago. We live in a world that has so much distraction leaves us little time for learning, or anything else for that matter.

As adults (in western society)we usually have a skill set or three and then run the treadmill of life and have fun 2 days a week as best we can when there is no holidays.

If eyes are truly open there is one direction or none depending who you ask, but if your heart is open and all thoughts focused on the true LOVE that is indescribable without Pride without mocking without double thinking ask as a child would its father or mother. Focus and ask for Proof from the bottom of your heart and soul ASK, then maybe you will get your answer.

Some would be afraid to be so vulnerable and some scoff at the thought of a higher being let alone One conciseness, Father in heaven, hundreds of gods (maybe 1 posing as many others? mmm who's tactic is that nowadays!), or nothing not anything else, just space dust here and nothing after we die.

Research hardcore finish the puzzle!


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