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Black Salve is easy to make and  the ingredients are easy to get. It Is illegal to use this on humans but it is not harmful to the body and will only damage cancer cells, this will not damage healthy tissue at all. More info here: http://www.blacksalve.biz/black_salve.php

We do not sell Black Salve, nor does Hippocrates Health Centre.. To purchase Black Salve email bevan@centreforce.com or visit www.centreforce.com, or www.blacksalve.biz

Elaine Hollingsworth has gone to great lengths to provide you with all her knowlege about healthy living through natural and chemical free foods and products, her books are Amazing to say the least and also contain much information about how the mainstream living effects your health covering a multitude of subjects, i encourage everyone to visit her website.


How to Make Black Salve

Ingridients are 50 grams each of Bloodroot, Chaparral, Graviola & Galangal. 

500 mil of Distilled Water, 

250 grams of Zinc Chloride,

25ml of DMSO

25 ml of Glycerine.



The first step when preparing your Black Salve is to put 50 grams each of Bloodroot, Chaparral, Graviola & Galangal in a bowl.


Next pour 500mil of distilled water into a pot (glass preferably), Then add 250 grams of Zinc chloride to the water.


Bring this mixture to the boil stirring frequently to ensure there are no lumps.

The FDA warns that zinc chloride is dangerouse because it burns holes in the flesh, They use FEAR tactics to frighten people and doctors away from this inexpensive safe answer to cancer.

Yet 100% Zinc Chloride is not Damaging healthy tissue, it will however sting if it comes in contact with an open cut. and it stings when it is pulling Cancerous tissue out of the body.

Next add the four Dry Herbs to the simmering mixture, stirring continously until all the lumps dissapear.

This quantity would be enough to last you and your family and your friends more than a lifetime, so the recepie needs to be cut down to suit your needs.

Once you have a smooth consistancy, Add 25mil's of DMSO, still stirring.


DMSO acts as a carrier and helps take the formula deep into the tissues.

Next add 25 mil's of Glycerine and stir it in, this keeps the Formula Moist.

Depending apon humidity you may have to add a bit more Glycerine.

Allow the mixture to simmer for about 15 minutes, when the mixture cools and cures it isnt runny any more and it has a Paste like consistancy.

It is best used after it has been sitting for 2 days at room tempreture.

Then put the Black Salve in seperate jars and store in your refrigerator, it will keep indefinetly but will dry out slightly over time. If this happens, simply add a little bit of water to re'hydrate.


Application of Black Salve Instructions here: http://health.centreforce.com/health/cansinstruct.html

Get the full doco and preperation instructions from the first link below. 

I have lost a few friends from Cancer and even though i had heard of this cure in my research before i was always too tied up with many many other subjects to give it my full attention, but i tell you now that this will be my main focus for some time, as with another documentary i have managed to get played on the mainstream media networks (ie: 9, 10 and 7) i will be pushing for this non stop by going directly to the managers as i have before with success with the documentary 911 in plane site. I would appreciate as much help from my readers as possible as it is time to take out the lies and stop these massive company’s treating us like cattle and taking advantage of us while we suffer and die from there poisons like Aldara.

 We encourage that you buy the film to support Elaine and all the fantastic work she has done to help Others.  Please buy a few copies and share them with friends, the price of the documentary has been made as low as possible so people can afford to buy it.

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This link above is for the film "One Answer To Cancer" that will explain exactly what i am talking about, the company 3M has been pushing a particular product Called Aldara as a topical cure for skin cancers and genital warts, but indeed as usual the big pharmaceutical company 3M has lied about the side effects(they say there is none) that have killed and maimed many people worldwide, one person in particular has made this truth her main goal to get this information to the public with what years she has left to live being a victim of the poisonous product Aldara. This is her site below this paragraph.


B-l-a-c-k S-a-l-v-e IS the cure for many different c-a-n-c-e-r-s, It has been made illegal for use on humans but is perfectly safe to use and is allowed to be used on animals, 3M pharmaceutical Company have spent billions to keep this product unknown to the public. I see a terrible future for 3M, especially since they have spread a massive propaganda campain and paid off many medical industries in Australia to make sure they wont speak up in court and support the evidence that Aldara is deadly to use and causes Cancer and kills people every day, if your a doctor and have given a script for Aldara your as guilty as the Criminal company 3M that should be held responsible for mass murder worldwide.




Super industry companys like 3M are responsible for most of the proplems we have today, example is when the (United Nations) U.N. declaired that all third world countries are not allowed to have large industry power stations Sewage systems and industrial size hospitals and industrial manufacturing companys (under the guise of the Global warming myth) that in all other countries provide jobs and social structure, they were doing fine before we forced the monetary system on them and now they cant even afford food when in the past there community was self sustaining.

These countries will never develop because they are not allowed to. Even the Aids virus was manufactured by big companys like 3M and then given to every man woman and child they could find in African 3rd world areas as "Vacinations". The only power people have is when we stand up against there tyranny and opression, very soon things will be so bad that we will have no choice but to all voice our opinions.

This perfectly safe and natural cancer cure has been coverd up and hidden while hundreds of thousands of people die each year from cancer and deadly (so called cures) radiation therapy and Kemo drugs, and what saddens me the most is that not many people have taken an interest, but that will not stop my resolve to get the truth out, if you look at my wall (http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=180663761968836&id=701888931&notif_t=like#!/profile.php?id=701888931)

and watch and read all the information i have provided you will see what i am talking about, These criminals must be stopped!!!